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Projects & Plans, showcases a diverse array of wooden projects crafted by our talented readers.

Re-purposing kitchen cabinet doors into attractive coat racks

Recently, my neighbor completely gutted his kitchen for a complete renovation. This included flooring, cabinets, counter tops and lighting. Not one to pass up an opportunity, I asked him what he had planned to do with his cabinet doors and within a few minutes I was carrying back a stash of cabinet doors to my workshop.

Build a Stylish Industrial Design Mirror for Your Home

The rugged look of industrial design furniture and accessories continue to make their way into our home decor. Follow along as we show you how we built this unique bathroom mirror.

industrial mirror bathroom

Faux Fireplace Media Center

Recently, a friend was shopping for a gift for her parents who had just downsized from their house to a smaller apartment. They had always liked the fireplace they once had and were now also in need of a multimedia cabinet to house their TV/Audio equipment. So, trying to satisfy both of these needs, my friend sent me a picture she had found on the internet that seemed to do the trick..  It was a faux "fake" fireplace that doubled as a cabinet. Follow along as I convert the picture to reality.

Faux Fireplace Media Center

Coffee Table Made From Reclaimed Lumber

There always seems to be a need for a decorative or functional table. With the increased popularity of using recycled and reclaimed materials in green design, building a table from reclaimed lumber can yield a very nice addition to your home decor. Follow along and see how I built this relatively easy project from pine boards originally destined for the burn pile.

Follow along as we build a Coffee Table Made From Reclaimed Lumber

Doll Pendulum Cradle

My niece’s daughter loves her dolls. Not only does she spend a lot of time lugging them around wherever she goes, she also has a daycare and school room at home where she can keep an eye on them. One day, I was going through my stockpile of lumber and dug out an old solid maple desk top I had salvaged for use on a rainy day.  Although it wasn’t raining on the day I decided to do something with it, I was able to build this doll pendulum cradle with no other materials than the donor desk top.  Follow along and see the transformation.

Build this great family heirloom pendulum doll cradle.