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Idea Probe

Curious about what wood crafts people are searching for on the internet? Idea Probe analyzes prospective buyer search patterns to help you identify potential new product niches awaiting your creativity. (Please see our Terms and Conditions)

Inspiration for easy to make wood crafts for any occasion

Whether you are planning to make a hand crafted birthday or Christmas gift, there is no better feeling than seeing our loved ones and friends unwrap something that was made by you with loving care.

Inspiration for easy to make wood crafts for any occasion

Depending on your budget and available time, a gift might be anything from a simple candle holder to a nice piece of furniture.

But some of these projects won't cost you anything if you look through your wood cutoff bin and put your creative juices to work.

Idea Probe - Is it too late to get into Mantel Clocks?

Mantel clock

Market segment:

First developed several centuries ago, mantel clocks always held a prized location in homes.  Whether sitting on a shelf or mantel, there was always a certain elegance to owning one. Even in today's market where everyone is walking around with a watch or mobile phone, a traditional mantel clock located in a special spot in our homes reminds us of the old time pieces that were so prevalent in years gone by.  Mantel clocks come in many designs and materials. There is a wide spectrum of styles, sizes, colors and features.

Idea Probe - Doll houses - Is this market right for you?

A guide for market opportunities for doll houses and their accessories

Market segment:

Doll houses have been around for several centuries and most people who have enjoyed growing up with them have fond memories of the many hours they spent with their imaginary families. Today, not only are parents still shopping for doll houses for their children, but there are also adults who collect them as a hobby.

Doll houses can be anything from a simple 1 storey structure with a couple of rooms, to more elaborate multi-floor structures costing thousands of dollars with windows, working doors and even lighting.

Idea Probe - Let's take a look at Coat racks

If you are planning on making and selling coat racks, read about what prospective buyers are looking for and how you can develop a niche craft with a potential for increased sales. #woodworking #woodworkingideas #marketresearch #craftideas

Market segment:

Coat racks range from a simple nail in the wall to more elaborate devices. They provide a handy place to hang our coats, hats, umbrellas and keys and are often found hiding throughout the house.  Whether used in our home's entrance, our kitchen for hanging hand towels, the bathroom for storing our towels and housecoat, the workshop for storing our shop apron and dust mask - coat racks are everywhere. 

Idea Probe - Toy Boxes and the market opportunities

Since caveman first stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night, it was clear mankind needed a place to safely store toys. Explore the market opportunities for toy boxes and find out what prospective buyers have been looking for.

Market segment: 

In prehistoric times, toys existed to keep cave-kids busy and entertained. In prehistoric times, parents first experienced stubbing their toes on scattered toys. In order to keep toys stored and organized, toy boxes eventually made their way into caves and homes. Often big enough to hold a child's wordly possessions, toy boxes became a common piece of furniture found in most children's bedrooms.

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