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Tips & Tools, provides a series of articles designed to elevate the skills of both seasoned professionals and those exploring new techniques and tools in woodworking.

Quick tip: Save money while making your own wipe-on polyurethane

Available in both brush and wipe-on formulas, Polyurethane finish has long been a staple in many workshops. Providing a tough finish capable of withstanding much abuse makes Polyurethane the one we reach for the most often. The wipe-on variety offers an easy and almost foolproof method for applying this protective coating.

Joinery - Easy Joinery With Pocket Screws

What is Pocket Screw Joinery?

Pocket Screw joinery is a quick and easy woodworking joint that comes in handy in many projects. The best way to describe the pocket screw joint is as an enhanced version of the traditional butt joint. Here, a screw is added to the butt joint via a pocket hole drilled into one of the pieces. The screw essentially acts as the clamping force that keeps the butt joint together.

Save some money woodworking by reducing, reusing and recycling wood

Reduce the waste

While building your projects, there is always a sense of satisfaction if you manage to use some of your cut-offs from previous projects into your current masterpiece. There is something about using your lumber to the last inch that gives you the sense that you got your money's worth from that lumber purchase.

Eye and face protection

In your workshop, eye protection is paramount due to the various hazards present, including flying wood chips, sawdust, splinters, and airborne particles generated by cutting, sanding, and drilling operations. Here's are some common types of eye protection specifically suited for a woodworking environment:

Safety Glasses

Description: Safety glasses are a fundamental form of eye protection, featuring impact-resistant lenses and frames designed to shield the eyes from debris and flying particles.